The Pros and Cons of Being Pitbull

Pros and Cons of Being Pitbull

Nothing ruins an otherwise pleasant evening like a debate about the rapper Pitbull. Some love him, some hate him, some don’t understand why others are talking about a dog breed as though it’s a person. So instead of engaging in yet another heated, chardonnay-fueled exchange about Pitbull’s oeuvre, I’d like to assess his career in the most objective and sophisticated way possible – via a Pros & Cons list.


– Smart enough not to have chosen Siberian Husky or Golden Retriever as your rap name

– More likely to get away with defecating on someone’s front lawn than other humans

– Free Bud Light for life

– A shoo-in for the Bringing Khaki Back award

– Excellent eyesight thanks to NASA-tested aviator sunglasses

– Can always just make another music video if you haven’t gotten any tail in a while

– Get honorary dog cage from the NAPBTA (National American Pit Bull Terrier Association)

– No need to explain why it’s not you in those Dos Equis commercials

– Infinite possibilities for crank calls since your name is also a kind of dog

– Open invitation to visit the Wal-Mart in Kodiak, Alaska

– Don’t appear to get any razor burn


– No chance of falling back on babysitting if the music thing doesn’t work out

– People always assume you’re on your way to a yacht party and ask if they can come

– Cry whenever you watch “Teen Wolf”

– Bono beat you to the punch on the always-wearing-sunglasses thing by a good 30 years

– You have to keep up the Bud Light bit even though your favorite drinks are Miller 64 and sangria

– Your detractors call you Pussybowl